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[CES 2022] LG unveils self-driving car cabin concept turning into living spaces

A visual concept of customers enjoying LG Omnipod (LG Electronics)
A visual concept of customers enjoying LG Omnipod (LG Electronics)
LG Electronics said Monday it would introduce a new in-vehicle infotainment concept tailored to autonomous vehicles at CES 2022, indicating that its car cabins can turn into a space where passengers work, watch TV, exercise or experience camping virtually.

Called LG Omnipod, the new mobility concept solution gives a glimpse of an on-the-road extension of one’s personal living space which is designed to function as a home office, entertainment center or lounge, LG Electronics said in a statement. The concept was developed solely by LG, without forging a partnership with an automaker.

The concept also shows that the in-car infotainment systems can be controlled via smartphone or voice command through the LG ThinQ app, a smart home solution service. This compatibility blurs the distinction between home and car, LG Electronics added.

“Adding cars to the LG ThinQ ecosystem, (LG Electronics) will continue to lay out new customer experiences and blur boundaries between spaces, so that user experiences at home can be seamlessly extended to cars,” LG Electronics Chief Executive Officer William Cho said in a statement.

The in-vehicle concept comes a year after LG Electronics teamed up with Hyundai Motor Group to unveil the Ioniq Concept Cabin, mounted on Hyundai‘s Ioniq 5 electric vehicles.

The Ioniq Concept Cabin was meant to optimize customers’ in-vehicle experience. It had home appliances with 77-inch flexible organic light emitting diode screens and indoor care solutions such as shoe butlers, ultraviolet lights and cleaning robots to keep the cabin disinfected.

LG Omnipod is one of the mobility solutions to be presented online during the LG World Premiere at CES 2022 on Tuesday, along with AI-powered CLOi robots that can give guided tours, serve food at restaurants or deliver goods.

The presentation, comprised of three clips, will be unveiled Tuesday at 8 a.m. Las Vegas time.

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