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Stray Kids cook up ‘God’s Menu’

Continuing to forge their own path, Stray Kids returned with “God’s Menu,” taking the group’s creative ethos to the next level.

The new single was released Wednesday evening as the lead track of the band’s first full-length album “Go Live.” Produced by the band’s internal producing trio of Bang Chan, Han and Changbin, otherwise known as “3racha,” “God’s Menu” takes on a unique theme of cooking, likening the song to a dish that can satisfy every listener’s taste and is as good as God’s gift. Built on the group’s signature bombastic hip-hop sounds, the song follows the previous single “Top,” released in May. 

Stray Kids (JYP Entertainment)
Stray Kids (JYP Entertainment)
“I’ve been thinking that making a song is quite similar to cooking, as it involves a lot of ingredients and procedures. I think the song really fits into our identity,” said Bang Chan in a written statement.

With lyrics like “Put in whatever it is/Stop hesitating and obsessing over how others think/Just pour and mix it,” the bandmates show that they are confident when it comes to stirring up their own sound. The song also abounds with food-related references, staying true to its concept.

As a self-producing band, Stray Kids have been at the forefront of shaping their own discography. From debut single “District 9” to hits like “Hellevator” and “Miroh,” most of their songs credit 3racha as co-composers and writers, while all nine band members are credited writers as well.

They went on to share the backstory that “God’s Menu” had not originally been chosen as the lead track.

“Actually, there was another song that was supposed to be the lead track, but after we finished working on ‘God’s Menu,’ we all agreed that this one should be a lead track. We had more confidence in it too,” said Han. “I heard that such a transition was unprecedented in our company.”

Bang Chan added, “We could have changed the lead track thanks to the bandmates. When I first played ‘God’s Menu’ to them, I was assured that it should be the title after seeing their reactions. I felt so satisfied as our producer Park Jin-young also sent us accolades, saying we should just go with it.”

A rising rookie group under JYP Entertainment, Stray Kids rose to global stardom for making relatable music that voices the bandmates’ generation. Already having over 50 self-made songs under their belt, the band has been especially outspoken about their personal struggles as musicians and their teenage insecurities.

“It’s our first full-length album since we debuted two years ago, and it accompanied a lot of burden. But all of us really worked hard on it step by step,” said Seungmin.

“There are moments when we hit a bumpy road. And we wanted to convey a message that we should keep moving forward and enjoy it,” Changbin added. “I think this album best expresses our group’s identity.”

“Go Live” features tracks like “Easy,” “Haven,” “Blueprint” and “Another Day.”

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