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BTS' Suga releases new mixtape 'D-2'

BTS' Suga (Big Hit Entertainment)
BTS' Suga (Big Hit Entertainment)

Suga, a member of Korean pop sensation BTS, released his new mixtape "D-2" and the music video for the title track "Daechwita" on Friday.

The term "daechwita" refers to a genre of Korean traditional music where percussion instruments are used to play music at a king's parade and other military ceremonies.

Big Hit Entertainment, one of the largest music labels in South Korea and home to K-pop darlings BTS, unveiled Suga's second mixtape in four years following his first album "Agust D" in August 2016.

The new album "D-2" has a total of 10 tracks covering various genres. The video for "Daechiwita" shows Suga rapping against the background of palaces, traditional markets and temples, alternating between black and blonde hairdos.

The singer, who is also a seasoned producer for both BTS and his solo projects, has collaborated with other Korean artists, including K-pop queen IU and soulful veteran singer Lee So-ra, as well as American pop singer Halsey. (Yonhap)