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(G)I-dle sings self-confidence in ‘I Trust’

(G)I-dle returned with new album Monday, sending message of self-confidence.

Six-piece act (G)I-dle’s third EP is fronted by lead track “Oh My God,” a dynamic urban hip-hop track that switches between various rhythms and melodies. Written and composed by bandleader Soyeon, the dynamic song alludes self-confidence, the main topic of the album, to complex feelings of love.

“I believe that our (team) confidence comes from believing in myself,” explained Soyeon during the group’s media showcase for the new album livestreamed on YouTube.

“So I titled the album as ‘I Trust.’ The teaser images have also been released in two versions, black and white, as I thought trusting in oneself was a pure (white) mindset, no matter how others see it as devilish (black),” she added. 

(G)I-DLE (Cube Entertainment)
(G)I-DLE (Cube Entertainment)

The song’s accompanying music video also shows a stark contrast between two colors, as the bandmates switch between two modes in black and white outfits. The video teaser for “Oh My God,” dropped ahead of the official music video, racked up one million views within 11 hours upon its release on Monday midnight.

“I Trust” follows (G)I-dle’s “I Made” album from February last year. The album also features songs like “I Love You, “Maybe,” an English version of “Oh My God” and “Lion,” which was originally released as a special performance featured on girl group competition show “Queendom.” All six tracks credit Soyeon as a co-writer and co-composer.

Having debuted under Cube Entertainment in May 2018 with its first EP “I Am” and single “Latata,” (G)I-dle made a bold declaration that it hopes to be a one-of-a-kind idol in Korea. The multinational sextet consisting of members from Korea, China, Thailand and Taiwan, became one of the few girl groups to send both their debut single and album to the Billboard charts.

The promising band kept on its winning streak with a steady string of chart hits. With songs like “Hann,” “Senorita” and “Uh-Oh” the band expanded its sonic scope to house, Latin and old-school hip-hop. The band’s leader and main rapper Soyeon, who’s proved her musical prowess through “Produce 101” and “Unpretty Rapstar,” took the helm and created most of the group’s songs. It was a rarity among K-pop girl groups that usually promote songs made by other songwriters.

Soyeon, who produced tracks from “I Trust,” shared, “I wanted to make an album that relays emotions coming from one person. I wanted each track to relay emotions like depression and happiness.” 

(Cube Entertainment)
(Cube Entertainment)

What particularly set (G)I-dle apart from other girl groups was its savage concept that strayed away from K-pop’s traditional bubblegum image. Rather than singing about typical romance and breakup, the group delved into love’s dark, destructive side and talked about self-empowerment. In “Uh-Oh,” the group clapped back to its naysayers, while in “Lion,” it declared its dominance as a rising rookie.

(G)I-dle’s career reached new heights when it competed in “Queendom,” where it showcased its various charms through creative, eye-popping performances. The group said it was a good opportunity to compete with senior K-pop girl groups as a rookie.

Asked about the group’s goal for the new album, Soyeon said, “Since we haven’t won first place on music shows, we’d like to share the joy of it with our fans. If we make it, we promise to hold an online fan meeting.”

(G)I-dle’s self-producing talent and signature style boosted the group’s international presence. With its growing following in the US, the group partnered with e2PR, Strategic Communications, a US-based public relations agency, to break into the US market in September last year. The group was also scheduled to embark on its first world tour in April, which expands to the US, Europe and Asia, but it was canceled due to the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Upon its release, “Oh My God” has been claiming top spots in local music charts.

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