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Osteoarthritis patients more susceptible to suicidal impulses: survey

Patients suffering from degenerative joint disease are two times more susceptible to suicidal impulses than healthy people, a survey showed Friday.

Male osteoarthritis patients have stronger impulses to take their own lives, the poll on 8,271 people taken by professors at Korea University Medical Center said. The medical center collected the data between 2010 and 2012. 


Comparable numbers for female patients suffering from osteoarthritis was 1.5 times higher than ordinary people.

Male osteoarthritis patients also felt 1.6 times more stress and 1.5 times stronger depression, respectively, compared with ordinary people, while the comparable figures for female patients were 1.4 and 1.3 times.

The survey failed to find the reason why male patients felt more stressed than their female counterparts, saying the matter required further research.

The rate of women falling victim to osteoarthritis was 19.1 percent, about 3.4 times higher than that of men, the survey said.

It attributed the higher numbers to the weakening cartilage caused by lack of estrogen after menopause.

"Neglecting osteoarthritis will eventually lead to greater pains and enhance stresses, depression and suicidal impulses," the survey said. "It is, therefore, necessary to actively treat pains and seek psychological support and attention from family members." (Yonhap)