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Foreigners pick marinated crab as most challenging Korean food

Foreign visitors to South Korea chose "ganjang gejang," or raw crab marinated in soy sauce, as the most challenging Korean food, a survey showed Monday.

According to the survey of 726 foreigners who visited the country between April and May, 508 respondents, or 65 percent, said the marinated crab is the most difficult dish to eat.

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"Cheonggukjang," or soup made out of fermented bean paste, came second with 16.7 percent, followed by "san nakji," referring to live baby octopus, with 10 percent, according to the survey.

Also on the list were "dotorimuk," seasoned jelly salad made out of acorn, which took the No. 4 spot, the survey showed. (Yonhap)

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