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CU launches rice to go with ramen

Convenience store chain CU has launched rice specifically designed to go with cup noodle products, Tuesday. 

Priced at 700 won (60 cents), this 125-gram rice is called “ra-mal-bap,” short for “ramenae-marameokgi joeun-bap” which literally translates to “rice that is good to put in ramen.”

Ra-mal-bap (CU)
Ra-mal-bap (CU)

It is common among Koreans to add rice to instant ramen for more filling portions.

Unlike the past instant-cooked rice products, ra-mal-bap is a basic white rice shaped into a ball that is conveniently edible after 30 seconds of microwave.

CU said over 10,000 units were sold on the day of launch.

By Lim Jeong-yeo (

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