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Son wants 98-year-old mom evicted

A Connecticut man attempting to have his 98-year-old mother evicted from her home said he wants her out of the house for her own good.

Peter Kantorowski, 71, eldest son of Mary Kantorowski, said he wants his mother out of the Fairfield home she has occupied since 1953 because "she would be better off living with people her own age," the Connecticut Post reported Friday.

A trial to determine whether Mary Kantorowski will be evicted is scheduled for March 2 in Bridgeport Superior Court.

Richard Bortolot Jr., a lawyer appointed by Fairfield Probate Judge Daniel Caruso to represent Mary Kantorowski, said his client's son only wants her gone so he can profit from the property.

"This is just a despicable situation," he said. "Mary has been living here happily paying all the expenses for the house and now her son, Peter, comes along and is telling her, 'Get the hell out,' so he can sell it."

Peter Kantorowski said his mother has rejected his invitations to live with him.

"I have this big house in Trumbull and she is welcome to come live with me," he said. "I took care of my mother-in-law until she died in my house." (UPI)


<한글 기사>

친아들 맞나… 98세 노모에게 ‘방 빼!’

미국에서 아들이 100살에 가까운 친어머니를 대상으로 퇴거명령을 신청했다고 UPI통신이 17일(현지시간) 보도했다.

코네티컷에 사는 피터 칸토로스키(71) 씨는 98세인 자신의 어머니 메리 칸토로스키 부인이 “비슷한 나이의 사람들과 사는 게 낫다”며 그녀가 1953년부터 살아온 집에서 나가게 해달라고 요청했다.

칸토로스키 부인의 변호사 리처드 보르토롯 씨는 피터 씨가 이득 때문에 자신의 고객을 쫓아내려 한다며 이는 비열한 짓이라고 말했다.

“메리는 여기서 행복하게 살며 집과 관련된 비용도 모두 지불했습니다. 그런데 아들인 피터가 집을 팔려고 어머니에게 ‘당장 나가라’고 하는군요,”라고 보르토롯 씨는 말했다.

피터 씨는 트럼불에 있는 자신의 집에서 함께 살자는 제안을 어머니가 거절했다고 주장했다.