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Blackpool relegated after 4-2 loss at Man United

By 이우영

Published : May 23, 2011 - 10:33

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Blackpool's Jason Puncheon, left, vies for the ball with Manchester United's Ji-Sung Park, right, during their English Premier League soccer match at Old Trafford, Manchester, England, Sunday, May 22, 2011. (AP-Yonhap News) Blackpool's Jason Puncheon, left, vies for the ball with Manchester United's Ji-Sung Park, right, during their English Premier League soccer match at Old Trafford, Manchester, England, Sunday, May 22, 2011. (AP-Yonhap News)

MANCHESTER, England (AP) _ Blackpool's adventure in the Premier League came to a heartbreaking end on Sunday as Ian Holloway's side was relegated after a 4-2 loss at champion Manchester United.

The visitors were out of the bottom three and within sight of survival when they led 2-1 in the second half at Old Trafford, but Ian Evatt's calamitous 74th-minute own goal put United in front at 3-2 and Blackpool never recovered.

The small-budget team from England's northwest has won many admirers for its attacking intent this season, but it ultimately counted for nothing as Blackpool fans contemplated a return to the League Championship after only one season in the top flight.

``It's difficult to put into words,'' Holloway said. ``It just shows how cruel life can be.''

While Blackpool was suffering, United, which secured a record 19th English title last weekend, was presented with the Premier League trophy after the game.

``What a season,'' manager Alex Ferguson told the Old Trafford crowd. ``When you look back over the years, I don't think there's been a more dramatic season than this, and you have to credit the team unity and spirit of the players.''

Ferguson's men finished top with 80 points from 38 games, nine points ahead of second-placed Chelsea. They now look forward to next Saturday's Champions League final against Barcelona at Wembley.

Blackpool finished second from bottom of the Premier League on 39 points, one point from 17th-placed Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Holloway added: ``On another day, without the tension, we might have won (today). I couldn't be prouder of my team. It all boils down to were we, as a club, quite ready for this (season in the Premier League)? Probably not. But we gave it a good shot.

``It wasn't this game that cost us, and I'm going to dread looking (back at the season) _ the times we let late goals in, the times we were in the lead, and certain (refereeing) decisions as well.''

Holloway will have particular nightmares about the second half of the season. After Blackpool beat Liverpool 2-1 on January 12, the club picked up just 11 points from a possible 54.

That was the reason why Blackpool, whose previous appearance in England's top division was in 1971, began the final day of the season in the bottom three and one of five clubs _ including Wigan, Birmingham, Wolves and Blackburn _ threatened by relegation.

Yet Holloway and his players very nearly enjoyed a dream start at Old Trafford, after just 24 seconds.

Charlie Adam burst into space on the left wing, advanced to the byline, and cut a low cross back to Keith Southern. But ten meters out and in the center of the goal, Southern fluffed his sidefooted shot and the ball rolled wide.

Dimitar Berbatov, who ends the season as the league's joint top scorer alongside Carlos Tevez with 20 goals, provided United's chief threat in the first half.

After eight and 31 minutes the Bulgarian forced sharp saves from Blackpool keeper Matt Gilks from close range but, in between those moments, it was Berbatov's touch and vision that created United's opening goal.

On 21 minutes he used his chest to control a diagonal pass from Darren Fletcher before pushing a nicely weighted pass into Ji-sung Park's path through the middle. Evatt overcommitted himself and the Korean capitalised, sidestepping the Blackpool defender and lifting the ball delicately over Gilks.

Adam was at the heart of most of Blackpool's good work. In the 30th minute he tried to beat Edwin van der Sar from just inside United's half but the ball sailed over the crossbar. Ten minutes later, Nemanja Vidic fouled Gary Taylor-Fletcher, and Adam stepped up to bend a brilliant free-kick past the Dutch keeper from 25 yards to make it 1-1.

It ensured 40-year-old Van der Sar, who retires after the Champions League final, would not celebrate a clean sheet in the final domestic league game of his career.

He was beaten again in the 57th minute, when Blackpool took a shock lead. The visitors moved the ball through Jason Puncheon and David Vaughan on the left-hand side of United's defense. The winger crossed low to Taylor-Fletcher, who deftly flicked the ball into the corner of van der Sar's net.

The goal was greeted with unalloyed joy by Blackpool fans, who could now almost touch Premier League survival. Five minutes later United equalised and the tension returned.

Anderson took a return pass from Park and, unmarked as Blackpool's defense went to sleep again, the Brazilian curled a first-time left-footed shot inside Gilks's far post.

Gilks saved well from Berbatov moments later, but even at 2-2 _ and with other results going their way _ Blackpool was still safe.

There was another, cruel twist.

Michael Owen, a second-half United substitute, fed the ball to Chris Smalling, another substitute, on the right flank. The defender delivered an innocuous low cross that nine times out of 10 would have been cleared by Evatt. But the big centre-back, off balance, stuck out his right foot and the ball ricocheted low past his own keeper.

Blackpool made one last push for survival, and Evatt, desperate to atone for his error, popped up at the other end, but Van der Sar blocked at the defender's feet.

Nine minutes from time, Anderson fed Owen and the former England striker slotted past Gilks to confirm Blackpool's fate.

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지난달 13일 유럽축구연맹(UEFA) 챔피언스리그 8강 2차전 첼시와의 홈경기에서 2-1 승리를 매듭지은 결승골을 터뜨린 지 한 달여만의 득점포로 이번 시즌 8호 골이 다. 정규리그에서는 5호골.

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역대 최다인 통산 19번째 우승을 확정했던 맨유는 시즌 23승11무4패(승점 80)의 좋은 성적으로 정규리그를 마쳤다.

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박지성은 오는 29일 바르셀로나와의 UEFA 챔피언스리그 결승에 대비해 이날  블 랙풀과 최종전에 결장할 것이라는 예상을 깨고 왼쪽 날개로 선발 출전했다.

경기 시작과 함께 최전방의 베르바토프에게 날카로운 패스를 찔러준 박지성은 전반 9분에는 정면에서 오른발 슈팅을 시도하는 등 초반부터 활발한 움직임을  보였 다.

블랙풀의 거센 공세에 맨유가 좀처럼 흐름을 찾지 못하던 전반 중반에 박지성이 '해결사'로 나섰다.

전반 21분 역습 상황에서 하프라인 인근에서 길게 올라온 패스를 베르바토프가 왼쪽 측면에서 왼발로 방향을 슬쩍 바꿔주자 박지성이 이를 놓치지 않고 정면에서 달려들며 골키퍼 키를 살짝 넘기는 감각적인 왼발 슈팅으로 골망을 흔들었다. 시즌 8호골이었다.

이 골로 맨유는 상승세를 타는 듯했지만 강등권 탈출에 사활을 건 블랙풀의  반 격도 만만치 않았다.

전반 40분 찰리 아담이 강력한 왼발 프리킥 슛으로 1-1 동점을 만들어내더니 후 반 12분에는 게리 타일러 플레처가 정면에서 때린 오른발 슛으로 2-1로 앞서나가기 시작했다.

하지만 5분 뒤 후반 17분 박지성의 왼발이 다시 한번 빛을 발했다.

박지성은 왼쪽 측면에서 정면을 향해 낮게 깔아서 날카롭게 패스를 찔러넣자 정 면에서 달려들던 안데르손이 논스톱 왼발슛으로 연결, 다시 한번 블랙풀의 골망을 갈랐다. 박지성의 6호 도움이 기록되는 순간이었다.

알렉스 퍼거슨 맨유 감독은 후반 19분 정규리그 최종전에서 1골 1도움으로 맹활 약한 박지성을 빼고 마이클 오언으로 교체했고 박지성은 홈팬들의 박수를 받으며 경 기장을 빠져나왔다.

이 골로 상승세를 얻은 맨유는 후반 29분 블랙풀 수비수 이안 에버트의  자책골 과 후반 36분 오언의 추가골로 4-2 대승을 거두고 안방에서 정규리그 우승과 승리를 자축했다.

맨체스터 시티와의 홈경기에 선발출전한 이청용(볼턴)은 수차례 공격 기회를 만 들어내는 등 활약했지만 공격포인트를 추가하지 못하고 후반 31분 로드리고  모레노 와 교체됐다.

이로써 이청용은 올 시즌 공격포인트 12개(4골 8도움)로 마쳤다. 2년 연속 두자 릿수 공격포인트의 좋은 성적표다.

볼턴은 전반 43분 졸리온 레스콧의 선제골과 후반 17분 에딘 제코의 추가골에 0-2 패배를 헌납하고 정규리그를 마감했다.