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[Herald Interview] CSR embarks on a journey to find true selves

By Hong Yoo

Published : March 29, 2023 - 08:58

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CSR drops their second mini album, CSR drops their second mini album, "Delight," on Wednesday. (Popmusic Entertainment)

K-pop girl group CSR took off on a journey to find their true selves with their second mini album, “Delight,” which dropped on Wednesday.

CSR, consisting of seven 18-year-olds, faced a “light” at the end of the tunnel before turning 18, and wanted to share their journey of discovering what that light is in this new album.

The mini album comprises a total of four tracks led by the titular track, “Shining Bright,” and three sidetracks including “Signal,” “Picnic” and “Dandelion.”

Just in time for spring, the septet returned with bright and cheerful songs that best portray the group’s concept of “first love.”

The titular track, ”Shining Bright,” is a fast-paced pop-rock tune composed of symphonic sounds and a warm melody almost like the soundtrack of a Japanese animation.

“We prepared an energetic, bright performance that goes well with our titular track. We want to spread our positive energy to the audience. I think our strength is the chemistry between members that helps our teamwork shine,” said Sua, the leader of CSR, during an interview with local reporters.

“Our choreography for the titular track involves dance moves that look as if we are looking at a bright light that makes our eyes squint and try to make shade with our hands,” Yuna said, showing the dance moves of the titular track.

Besides “Shining Bright,” the girls say one of their favorite songs from the album is “Signal.”

“We love this track because it’s about communicating with the future us to console ourselves and be supportive of the present us. It helps us stand strong,” explained Yeham.

This comeback comes just four months since their last album but the CSR members are confident that they can perform better.

“Different from the early days of CSR when we were just concerned with finishing our performance without any mistakes, these days we know what our strengths are and try our best to use them after getting a grasp of what the audience wants to see from us. That helped us not be afraid of recording and performing but instead be more expressive and confident when performing,” said Sua.

The septet entered the K-pop scene last year on July 27.

Despite all of them being the same age, the teenagers say there are only good things about it.

“I think it helps to share concerns and advice easily without any barriers between one another. I feel like I have good friends for life,” said Sihyeon.

This year, CSR hopes to have more chances to get on stage to meet with fans.

“We want to hold concerts not only in the country but also abroad so that we can meet with Maeum (CSR's fan community members) around the world. We also want to land on local music charts so we can get invited to award ceremonies at the end of the year,” said Yuna.

Yuna is the Korean-Japanese member of the group who previously made a debut in Japan before joining CSR to become a K-pop artist.

“Being an artist here in Korea has given me more chances to show my performances more often on local music programs. In Japan, not many chances are given to rookies but rather, only to popular groups. I think here we get a fair chance to become famous,” added Yuna.

“We want to thank our fans for always sticking next to us and supporting us. This is our first time spending spring with our fans and we are so happy about that. We wish to make beautiful memories like cherry blossoms with our fans," she said.