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Boy band Blitzers return with 3rd EP ‘Win-Dow’

Blitzers conduct a press conference for their third EP “Win-Dow,” in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, Wednesday. (Wuzo Entertainment)
Blitzers conduct a press conference for their third EP “Win-Dow,” in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, Wednesday. (Wuzo Entertainment)

Setting a foot out into the world through the window, K-pop rookie band Blitzers dropped the group’s third EP, “Win-Dow,” on Wednesday.

Jinhwa, Go_U, Juhan, Sya, Chris, Lutan and Wooju said they are finally embarking on a journey to discover their fans in the upcoming album.

The album marks the septet‘s return with new music six months after the first single “Bobbin” in January.

Ahead of the album drop later in the day, the seven bandmates conducted a press conference in Seoul on Wednesday afternoon.

According to Go_U, the third album extends the story of the septet from the first and second EPs, “Check-In” and “Seat-Belt.”

“‘Check-In’ was like the gun shot marking the start of our voyage and ‘Seat-Belt’ showed us warming up for the journey to come. Finally with ‘Win-dow,’ we are embarking on the journey itself,” Go_U explained, adding, “It conveys our anticipation and promises on the events to come.”

Fronting the six-track EP is “Hit the Bass,” a powerful hip-hop tune with a seamless rap, strong vocals and addictive hook that hits on the ear.

Five of the bandmates, Jinhwa, Chris, Sya, Juhan and Wooju took part in penning the lyrics of the lead track, and among them, Jinhwa was the one who suggested they theme the song around the animated film version of “Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves.”

“I was reminded of that film when I first heard the intro source of the song. And the sound effects in between sounded like the knocking on the door, which also seemed to link to the story,” Jinhwa said.

What started as a quick thought of Jinhwa’s turned into a blockbuster project for the group and its label, Wuzo Entertainment. In a first for any K-pop group, Blitzers shot their music video for “Hit the Bass” in Pakistan, adding the grace and glamour of the palaces and exotic sites into their video.

Also included on the new album are “Slide,” “Win-Dow,” “Love is New Gravity,” “Hapoom” and “Gradation.” Sya contributed as a lyricist to “Slide,” which the band showcased live, along with “Hit the Bass,” during the press conference Wednesday.

Blitzers made their official debut in May 2021 as the first boy band from Wuzo Entertainment with the first EP “Check-In.” The band garnered a fair amount of international attention through a 2020 predebut series on YouTube, “Wuzo Circle,” and since the debut have steadily gained acknowledgment in and out of the country.

Blitzers conduct a press conference for their third EP “Win-Dow,” in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, Wednesday. (Wuzo Entertainment)
Blitzers conduct a press conference for their third EP “Win-Dow,” in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, Wednesday. (Wuzo Entertainment)

Earlier this year, Blitzers held their first stand-alone concert tour in the US, “Blitzers 2022 US Tour ‘Check-In,’” during which they visited Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Atlanta, New York and Chicago, finally meeting with fans.

“Between January and February this year, we had our first solo concert outside Korea. Debuting amid the coronavirus pandemic, we haven‘t been able to have fun properly with Blee,” Wooju said, using the term for Blitzers’ official fandom and speaking about their first experiences coming face to face with fans.

“I don‘t think I will ever forget that very first moment when I had my eyes on the fans. During our very first concert of the tour, when I first saw the fans waiting in the audience seats as the curtains opened, that feeling is just unforgettable and the other bandmates all said the same,” Wuju added.

That first in-person concert tour was even more significant for Blitzers, as the band stressed throughout the press conference that the single-most important goal was meeting Blee.

“Our goal and the direction we take is just finding Blee wherever they may be, and the US tour marked our first leap taken in that way. Although we cannot confirm any new destination, we can promise you that we are on our way,” Jinhwa, the band’s leader, said on behalf of Blitzers.

Asked what their goals were with the new album, the bandmates all gave similar answers.

“To us, the number of Blee we meet through this album will be our score and performance through it. We hope to meet as much Blee as we can,” Sya said.

Jinhwa weighed in, saying, “We once talked about not pressing ourselves too much about the numbers. We all agreed that we want to forget about the scores and just pour all our heart into what we can do and sharing it with our fans.”

Wrapping up the event, Wooju compared Blitzers to a rugby ball.

“Balls that are round, like the soccer ball, basketball and tennis ball, they all bounce upwards. But the rugby ball, you don‘t know where it will spring to when it hits the ground. Like that, Blitzers is packed with a variety of unpredictable charms and we have so much to show,” Wooju said.

Blitzers’ third EP “Win-Dow” released at 6 p.m. on Wednesday.

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