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[Avertising Awards] Dunamu’s campaign promotes sound digital asset market, investor protection

Upbit Investor Protection Center's recent campaign featuring actor Namkoong Min. (Dunamu)
Upbit Investor Protection Center's recent campaign featuring actor Namkoong Min. (Dunamu)
We are honored to receive the 2021 Korea Herald Advertising Awards with our “Appropriate Digital Asset Investment Campaign” by the Upbit Investor Protection Center.

The Appropriate Digital Asset Investment Campaign is very meaningful in that it is the first official activity of the tentatively named, upcoming Upbit Investor Protection Center and the industry’s first mass campaign efforts to enhance self-purification.

As a leader in the digital asset market, Dunamu has put various efforts into fulfilling corporate social responsibility and contributing to the sound development of the market, and these efforts will now lead to the establishment of the Upbit Investor Protection Center. Dunamu is currently preparing to funnel a total of 10 billion won ($8.5 million) to establish the Upbit Investor Protection Center by the end of this year.

The Upbit Investor Protection Center’s main programs include education and research on digital assets, campaigns to analyze and prevent digital asset crimes, legal support and counseling for victims of digital asset fraud, and emergency low-interest loans. Focusing on investor protection, we plan to actively promote activities to lay the foundation for the future society that digital assets and blockchain will bring.

The campaign is dedicated to improving public awareness to create a healthy digital asset investment culture.

From August to October, the campaign appeared on both online and offline mediums encompassing TV, radio, digital, and outdoor media and is designed to preemptively protect investors and present wise investment standards against indiscriminate information.

The campaign aimed to improve society’s overall perception of digital asset investment with a key message to be wary of excessive investment and to invest properly. It consists of a total of three nature-themed films: “Sea: Invest with extra funds and live your ideal daily routine,“ ”Mountain: The art of firm investment standards and avoiding hasty shortcuts,“ and ”Wind: The value of technology and undercutting rumors.” This campaign starred actor Namkoong Min, who won the 2020 SBS acting award for the TV series “Hot Stove League.” Against the backdrop of the beautiful natural scenery in Korea, Namkoong Min’s calmly laid narration delivers the necessity of careful investment and a break in daily routines which helps reflect on the value of life.

Recently, the digital asset market is going through a turbulent period. The market capitalization of digital assets globally has grown more than 10 times from $200 billion in 2018 to $2 trillion now; various institutions and companies are stepping in; discussions to adopt an industry-wide legal framework are underway at the National Assembly. In the face of huge change, we hope the Upbit Investor Protection Center’s “Appropriate Digital Asset Investment Campaign” will serve as the foundation for eliminating prejudice against the digital asset market, restoring investor confidence and making a new leap forward in the industry.

Dunamu will always put in the utmost effort to present a blueprint for sustainable growth by taking investor protection as the company’s top priority. We will actively prepare devices for communication and protection for investors and take the lead in creating a wise and mature digital asset investment culture to contribute to the virtuous cycle of the market.

Founded in 2012, Dunamu provides the most trusted global standard through the digital asset exchange Upbit, stock platform Securities Plus, formerly known as Kakao Stock, and unlisted stock trading platform Securities Plus Unlisted. Dunamu, led by CEO Lee Sirgoo, provides the best services in digital assets, securities, and asset management. The company has been drawing keen attention not only in Korea but also in the global market for its professional manpower, innovative services, and excellent technology. In March 2019, Lambda 256, an in-house blockchain research institute, was spun off as an independent corporation and is taking the lead in expanding the blockchain ecosystem by officially launching the world’s first consortium-based blockchain service platform Luniverse. The company is also investing 100 billion won in blockchain startups through its subsidiary Dunamu & Partners.

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