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E’last stages complete comeback with new single ‘Dark Dream’

A promotional image of E’last’s single album “Dark Dream” (E Entertainment)
A promotional image of E’last’s single album “Dark Dream” (E Entertainment)

The eight-piece boy band E’last returned on Wednesday as a complete group in 10 months with their single album “Dark Dream.”

Member Wonjun, who had sat out during the promotional activities for the previous EP “Awake” to emcee television show “Boni, Hani,” has returned, rejoiced to be back with his bandmates.

In an interview conducted ahead of their comeback, the group said via email, “E’last shines the brightest when all eight members are together. We’re happy to be able to return to our fans like this.”

Fronting the new album is the song of the same title, “Dark Dream,” that features the group’s dramatic orchestral sound interweaving through thumping beats and powerful rap verses. With the new single, the group continues to deliver a story of love, conflict and awakening that they had started with their debut EP “Day Dream.”

The members added glamour and elegance to their looks, this time with a royal-like concept. For the makeover, all eight members said they had to hit the gym and try different hair styles and outfits to achieve a prince-like look. But among them, they said Wonjun, who’ll be showing off his abs under a cropped jacket in the music video for the first time, had worked out the hardest -- almost every day.

The versatile rookie group’s three-track album also includes sub-title tracks “Muse,” a trap-based hip-hop tune with sounds inspired from the ‘90s R&B sound, and “To.Lie,” a cheerful “teen pop” genre, mixing retro sounds of synth and drums with electronic elements.

Wonjun, who took part in penning the lyrics for “To.Lie” with fellow member Wonhyuk, said, “it was fun to be able to take part in writing the rap verses with Wonhyuk and we’re excited to be able to reveal the lyrics we wrote ourselves to our fans, Elring.”

After debuting in June 2020 with EP “Day Dream,” E’last has sought to pave their own path in the highly competitive K-pop industry with their music characterized by dramatic, emotional orchestral sounds, an element rarely seen in idol group music. In November, the group dropped the five-track EP “Awake,” followed by single album “Remember” from the band’s first sub-unit group E’last U, comprising Choi In, Romin, Seungyeop and Wonjun.

Looking back on their journey so far, the group said, “We feel the time passing by so fast. Debuting amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we haven’t had the chance to hold a concert with fans yet, and that’s a shame.”

They went on to say that every moment has been invaluable, especially so when all eight of us came together to prepare the new album.

“We’ve come to realize how grateful it is that we can all be together, and we hope to show how much we have matured both physically and mentally since debut with the upcoming album,” they wrote.

In closing the interview, the group’s leader Rano said, “We hope to make our presence more prominent in the K-pop scene and make our fans, Elring, happier with ‘Dark Dream.’”

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