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SPEP nurtures global talent with customized training

As a global education firm, Speaking Proficiency Enhancement Program provides competency development programs and human resource consultations to both local and overseas companies and institutions.

The firm focuses on helping customers improve English fluency, and offers comprehensively customized curriculums to suit each customer’s field and job standards.

SPEP accurately diagnoses necessary capabilities, such as fluent foreign language skills, communication skills, business etiquette and presentation skills. Upon evaluating each customer, the firm offers specialized learning programs.

SPEP also directly operates a research and development center with domestic and foreign experts to provide customized solutions for each customer. Customers of SPEP can enjoy systematic and convenient education with the firm’s “Flipped Learning,” which allows smart learning through its mobile app before and after the program, while also offering offline courses with experts to intensively fill any learning gaps.

Last year, the company introduced remote learning classes to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, SPEP also provided more services, including supporting over-the-phone English classes to enhance educational quality for customer satisfaction. Such efforts have earned the firm evaluations that it has continued to contribute in improving customers’ global competency while offering practical educational benefits.

“One of the common factors of the companies that boost achievements in the world market is that their core members have the necessary global capabilities,” a SPEP official said. “We hope that many talented people in the country can build global capabilities needed for real business situations through SPEP’s specialized ‘Language + alpha’ training.”