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[Travel Bits] Festivals, sights across Korea

Busan Fireworks Festival

The 16th Busan Fireworks Festival will take place on Nov. 7.

Organized by the Busan Culture & Tourism Festival Organizing Committee, the annual festival is held every autumn along Gwangalli Beach. During the festival, visitors can enjoy a myriad of unique and colorful fireworks at sites across Hwangnyeongsan, Dongbaek Island and Igidae Coastal Park.

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Mungyeong Chasabal Festival

The Mungyeong Chasabal Festival will be held online Dec. 1-5 this year to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The annual festival celebrates the art of traditional ceramics. This year, the online festival will offer traditional tea ceremony and pottery-making programs, operated by local artisans.

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Masan Chrysanthemum Festival

Changwon, South Gyeongsang Province, is a city famous for chrysanthemum farming. About 13 percent of chrysanthemums in Korea come from Changwon.

The Masan Chrysanthemum Festival has been held every year since 2000 to promote Masan’s chrysanthemums and the local flower market.

This year, the festival will accept drive-thru visitors due to COVID-19 concerns. Visitors may drive through the chrysanthemum garden areas and get to enjoy the flowers from the comfort and safety of their cars. Online reservations are required.

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Busan International Magic Festival

The 2020 Busan International Magic Festival will be held Nov. 24-29.

Following the opening ceremony on the shores of Haeundae, the festival will offer diverse magic performances for all age groups. The six-day festival takes place at the Busan Cinema Center, Haeundae and the Busan Community Media Center.

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Ulsan Onggi Festival

Ulsan is a city famous for onggi, traditional Korean earthenware pottery. The 2020 Ulsan Onggi Festival will be held Nov. 6-15. This year’s festival will be held both online and offline to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The festival takes place within the Oegosan Onggi Village, home to seven master artisans. A number of lectures and activities related to onggi making will be offered online.

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