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FCA Korea chief suspended over sexual harassment allegations

Fiat Chrysler Korea President Pablo Rosso (FCA Korea)
Fiat Chrysler Korea President Pablo Rosso (FCA Korea)

Fiat Chrysler Korea confirmed Monday that President Pablo Rosso has been suspended following allegations of sexual harassment, verbal abuse and assault. 

To ensure the integrity of the investigation is upheld, Pablo Rosso has been temporarily suspended from his duties as managing director of FCA Korea, the automaker said.

"FCA does not tolerate any form of harassment, abuse or discrimination of our employees or business partners. It is the company’s policy to both immediately and thoroughly investigate any concern brought to our attention."

A petition was posted Wednesday on the Cheong Wa Dae website saying: “Rosso habitually makes sexual jokes and uses abusive language with female employees ... Please punish (him) for his sexual crimes, assaults and abusive language.”

The firm said it would investigate the matter internally for now because there is no criminal investigation request yet. 

"As the matter is currently under investigation, no further comment can be made at this time."

Pablo Rosso was appointed as president of FCA Korea in December 2012. He was the first foreign president of the Korea Automobile Importers & Distributors Association in March this year.

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