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Netmarble launches 3-inning mobile baseball game

(Magumagu 2020 screen capture)
(Magumagu 2020 screen capture)

Netmarble on Wednesday launched the three-inning mobile baseball game Magumagu 2020 on Google Play and Apple’s App Store, targeting local baseball fans staying home due to concerns over the coronavirus outbreak.

According to the Korean game publisher, Magumagu 2020 -- a mobile version of the company’s 15-year-old PC game Magumagu -- consists of only three innings and takes about 10 minutes per game, offering swift gameplay for mobile users.

The launch came at a time when the COVID-19 outbreak is limiting fans from going to baseball games. The Korea Baseball Organization announced on June 30 that it would rescind its ban on spectators and allow their entry at 30 percent capacity. Eating, drinking, chanting and singing team anthems in the stands has been prohibited.

“For fans who enjoy the KBO baseball league, Magumagu 2020 will introduce ‘live card’ game characters whose abilities will be updated every two weeks based on their real records this season,” a Netmarble official said.

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