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Army chiefs of S. Korea, US discuss countering COVID-19

South Korea's Army Chief of Staff Suh Wook (Ministry of National Defense)
South Korea's Army Chief of Staff Suh Wook (Ministry of National Defense)

The army chiefs of South Korea and the US held a telephone conversation Friday to discuss countering the novel coronavirus pandemic, reaffirming the readiness of their combined forces.

The call between Suh Wook, South Korea’s Army chief of staff, and US Army Chief of Staff James C. McConville was held at the request of the US.

In the call, Gen. Suh highlighted the enforcement of aggressive measures to track down potential patients and test them as well as following all recommended anti-virus precautions as key to countering the spread of COVID-19.

South Korea’s 600,000-strong military has reported 39 infections, of which 37 have recovered so far.

Gen. McConville said he came to learn about the measures through the US military stationed here and had shared Seoul’s expertise with his fellow commanders. Seoul’s approach to COVID-19 has set the standards, he said.

The two army chiefs agreed that the Army has taken on greater responsibility to protect its people, as countries continue to face nonmilitary threats that challenge their security.

The two allies reaffirmed an airtight alliance, saying they would continue their sustained cooperation until the global outbreak is suppressed.

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