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Electricity bill payments deferred to alleviate coronavirus shock


State-run utility Korea Electric Power Corp. said Wednesday it would delay electricity bill payments for small businesses and underprivileged families struggling from the coronavirus outbreak.

According to Kepco, small business owners using residential, industrial and general electricity and the underprivileged currently receiving fixed welfare discounts on electricity bills will be eligible for delaying their monthly payments for three months each from April to June.

The application period is from Wednesday to June 30. In order to defer payment of the monthly bill, the application must be completed within the due date of the month. For example, a customer with a due date of every 25th can apply by the date this month to receive a payment deferral for April to June.

Those eligible for the relief program can submit their application on Kepco’s website or by dialing 123 call center.

By Kim Byung-wook (