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Nexon wants employees to come back to office

(Nexon Korea)
(Nexon Korea)

Korean game company Nexon said Thursday it had decided to roll back its telecommuting, requiring all staff to report for duty starting next week.

According to Nexon, all employees will have to come to work starting Monday, though exceptions will be made for those with special circumstances that need to be considered.

“To ensure the safety of employees, Nexon will employ safety measures including placing thermal imaging cameras at the entries of its headquarters, installing cubicles at the company cafeteria and having employees to take two seats in commuter buses,” a company official said.

Nexon first launched telecommuting on Feb. 27, but rolled it back on March 9. Then, it restarted telecommuting on March 16 for four weeks, which will end this week.

In contrast, other game companies are playing safe, with Netmarble continuing its telecommuting for the time being until the coronavirus epidemic subsides and NHN extending telecommuting until next Friday. WeMade also said it will operate telecommuting one more week, marking a six-week streak of working at home.

Meanwhile, NCSoft said Thursday it would launch a four-day workweek until April 29. 

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