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McDonald’s reaches out to support COVID-19 heroes

Coupons inside a box (McDonald’s)
Coupons inside a box (McDonald’s)

McDonald’s Korea said Monday it has donated 8,000 burgers and coffee cups to subway cleaning staff through Seoul Volunteer Center.

The fast-food chain said it delivered 4,000 coupons each for Bic Mac burgers and Americano coffee cups to cleaning and disinfection staff of Seoul Metro Environment and Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corp., which manage Subway Line No. 1-4 and 5-8, respectively.

“Cleaning and disinfection staff are the true unsung heroes as they risk their own safety inside subways and stations where so many people transit,” a McDonald’s official said.

On March 23, the fast-food giant delivered 4,000 McChicken burgers and pies to Guro-gu office in Seoul to support those who volunteered for disinfection work and socially vulnerable people who might be skipping meals in the area. On March 3, it delivered 4,200 coupons that can be traded for a 1955 Burger set menu to Daegu Fire Department and Gyeongbuk Fire Service office to support them.

By Kim Byung-wook (