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IAP President Hwang Cheol-kyu on cover of Prosecutor

(IAP President Hwang Cheol-kyu)
(IAP President Hwang Cheol-kyu)

Hwang Cheol-kyu, president of the International Association of Prosecutors, graces the cover of the latest issue of Prosecutor, a Russian quarterly magazine.

The magazine also features a detailed interview with Hwang, who was elected last year as head of the IAP. Hwang had worked as chief prosecutor at the Busan High Prosecutors’ Office and vice president of the IAP before taking the helm of the international body of prosecutors.

“Our association should provide a more direct and speedy system for international criminal cooperation and jointly address the newly emerging crimes under the fourth industrial revolution era as well as crimes that have been traditionally approached,” Hwang said.

Hwang emphasized the importance of providing a fast and direct system for international criminal cooperation to cope with the quickly changing society. He said prosecutors should make efforts to nurture fairness, justice and trust.

To expand the coverage of the IAP and better respond to regional issues, Hwang said he intended to set up regional offices.

Other future plans for the IAP include resolving pending issues related to human rights, prosecutor assistance, prosecutorial independence and gender equality, as well as introducing empowerment programs, especially those linked to education and training for prosecutors.

The IAP, based in The Hague, Netherlands, is the only global nongovernmental organization of prosecutors. Established by the United Nations in 1995, it consists of prosecutors from 180 nations. It aims to expand and strengthen mutual assistance in criminal investigations amid rapid growth in transnational crimes.

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