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[팟캐스트] (343) 수도권 집단 감염 / 위기에 처한 신천지


진행자: 임현수 Kevin Kevin Lee Selzer

1.   S. Korea on edge over largest yet mass infections in Seoul

[1] Seoul’s biggest-yet cluster of infections emerged in South Korea’s capital Tuesday, keeping health authorities on their toes despite the number of newly discovered infections slowing for the fourth consecutive day.

*cluster: 무리

*keep on their toes: 에게 정신을 바짝 차리게[단단히 준비해 있게] 하다

[2] South Korea’s reported coronavirus cases rose by 131 to 7,513 with a total of 54 deaths, marking the lowest daily increase in two weeks, according to data tallied at Monday midnight by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

*tally: 총합

*rise by: ~만큼 오르다.

[3] The new cluster in Seoul involves a total of 64 people, including employees at a call center in southwestern Seoul and their families, Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon said Tuesday, with an investigation into how the patients contracted the virus underway.

*underway: 진행중인

*contract: (병에) 옮다

[4] The number of confirmed cases linked to the call center in Guro-gu was feared to shoot up, given the working environment of the call center, at which employees sit close next to each other and constantly talk into phones.

*linked to: 연결된

*shoot up: (숫자등이) 급격히 올라가다

[5] Some 140 employees and trainees there were being tested for the virus as of Tuesday afternoon.

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2.   Shincheonji faces biggest crisis over coronavirus outbreak

[1] The novel coronavirus was apparently brought into the country from Wuhan, China. But it was a branch of an enigmatic Christian sect in Daegu that provided it with a breeding ground at home.

*apparently: ~보아하니

*bring into: ~으로 데려오다.

[2] The Shincheonji Church of Jesus, which operates under a veil of secrecy, abruptly came to the center of attention after one of its congregants tested positive for the virus Feb. 18.

*operate: 작동하다, 영업하다

*abruptly: 갑자기

[3] The case of the 61-year-old woman, known as COVID-19 patient No. 31, was linked to many others among followers who attended the same Sunday service at the Daegu branch in February.

*service: 예배 (종교적인 의미에서)

[4] Since then, Shincheonji has come under attack from all sides -- from the public, politicians and municipalities to mainstream Protestant churches that have denounced it as a cult.

*come under attack: 비난을 받다

[5] A petition uploaded to the presidential office’s website calling for the forcible dissolution of the religious sect had gathered more than 1.2 million signatures as of Monday morning.

*forcible: 강제적인

*dissolution: 해산

*sect: 종파

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