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Hyundai Capital’s ‘inclusive’ corporate culture wins local support

Auto finance firm among top employers in Canada

Hyundai Capital Canada employees participate in a company picnic at a restaurant in Toronto. (Hyundai Capital Canada)
Hyundai Capital Canada employees participate in a company picnic at a restaurant in Toronto. (Hyundai Capital Canada)

For a company that operates globally, it can be challenging to build a universal corporate culture while considering the needs of local staff.

It has not been an easy task as well for Hyundai Capital, a South Korean auto finance firm, which operates in 11 countries. But its efforts to build an “inclusive” corporate culture and to open communication channels that allow employees to interact closely are key to its global operations, the company said Sunday.

The initiative is aimed at promoting connectivity and engagement among 5,300 Hyundai Capital employees around the globe. Through the Global Cube communication tool, for example, those working at global offices in the US and Canada can share work-related information via messenger services, which will soon be available at other offices in Europe, China, and Brazil.

In addition, a Hyundai Capital local branch is able to recruit talented employees from other branches for certain projects via the firm’s Global Exchange Program. Employees can also voluntarily choose to work at different locations if they want to develop skills in different regions.

“While increasing its global presence, Hyundai Capital is trying to have its corporate culture, represented by its ‘Global One Company,’ initiative, instilled in every office around the world to create synergy among workers,” an official from Hyundai Capital said.

In its latest achievement in global operations, the company’s Toronto branch was named among the top employers in Canada for its employee-friendly working environment.

Its Canadian office, Hyundai Capital Canada, or HCCA, made the list of top employers that have an employee-friendly working environment in December. Mediacorp Canada, a media firm that evaluates Toronto-area companies, announces the list every year with news outlet The Globe and Mail.

Among others, the auto financing firm’s benefits for employees, such as funds for social clubs, health care allowance, and financing services for leasing cars, were recognized by the organizers of the competition joined by major Toronto-based firms.

“We want our employees to feel like they work for this huge multinational but at the same time are part of this small, intimate family at Hyundai Capital Canada and get the benefits of both worlds,” said David Daywalt, Hyundai Capital’s senior director at corporate services.

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