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Korea Game Society fundraises for people of Wuhan

The Legend of Mir 2 (WeMade)
The Legend of Mir 2 (WeMade)
The Korea Game Society on Monday initiated a fundraiser among gamers to support the people of the recent novel coronavirus-hit Wuhan in China’s Hubei province.

“We support the people of Wuhan and the greater China fighting against the new coronavirus,” said KGS head Wi Jong-hyun.

“Games is an industry where Korea and China hold a special relationship like none other. Korean games have received much love from Chinese fans, and it is only a matter of course that we rise to support those in need in China in times of trouble,” Wi said.

The Legend of Mir 2 and Dungeon Fighter Online are examples of hit Korean games in China.

A number of industry insiders have been quick to join the cause.

“By delivering relief to the origin of coronavirus outbreak and the worst-affected region, we believe we may help to dissolve the epidemic,” said Hwang Seong-ik, head of the Korea Mobile Game Association, who is actively participating in the cause to help Wuhan.

Those who contribute to the fundraiser will be publicly commended, though the size of individual contributions will not be disclosed.

KGS is directly receiving transfers to its bank account for the next 10 days for the first round of fundraising.

With whatever money they gather, KGS plans to purchase masks and hand sanitizers and send them to China via the fastest route, such as diplomatic channels.

Depending on the outcome of the first fundraiser, KGS may hold a second round.

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