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Boryung Holdings establishes first overseas entity in San Francisco

(Boryung Pharmaceutical)
(Boryung Pharmaceutical)
Boryung Holdings, the holding company of Boryung Pharmaceutical, established its first overseas entity, Hayan Health Networks in San Francisco, the firm said Monday.

“Hayan Health Networks will monitor the local clinical trials of Boryung Pharmaceutical, as well as build rapport with global pharmas, investors and early-stage research and development biotechs there,” said a Boryung Pharmaceutical official.

Boryung Pharmaceutical’s lymphoma treatment pipeline BR2002 is currently undergoing a phase 1 clinical trial in the US.

Hayan Health Networks took off Jan. 22 at an office on Market Street in the heart of San Francisco.

Choi Sung-won, the head of global business at Boryung Pharmaceutical, was appointed the head of Hayan Health Networks and will travel back and forth between South Korea and the US to fulfill the dual role.

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