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‘Coronamap’ showing confirmed patients’ movements attracts more than 3m visits

Coronamap as of Sunday
Coronamap as of Sunday
A Korean college student’s self-coded “Coronamap,” showing the movements of confirmed coronavirus-infected patients before they were put in quarantine, has recorded more than 3 million visits and may soon record 5 million, reports said Sunday.

The map is marked with a web of lines showing the places visited by the 15 patients in Korea and where they are currently confined.

It also spells out the number of people showing symptoms of pneumonia and other complications possibly related to the coronavirus.

Lee Dong-hoon, the developer of the map, is reportedly a final-year Kyung Hee University student in the department of industrial and management systems engineering.

The 27-year-old was quoted in local media reports as saying he evaluates media reports “conservatively” and updates the map as quickly as he can in real time.

Lee obtains his data from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Korea and through citizen reports to his e-mail at

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