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Using coin-minting tech to curb fake apparel

Komsco discloses ‘clothing security label’ tech to prevent forgery

South Korea’s coin and bank note manufacturer, Korea Minting and Security Printing & ID Card Operating Corp., or Komsco, has unveiled its forgery prevention technology to stop illegal apparel sales, the agency’s CEO Cho Yong-man announced Thursday.

Distribution of fake goods carrying “Made in Korea” labels at cheap prices have caused damage to local businesses here, Komsco said, explaining that the latest technology comes from its’ expertise in minting coins.

Komsco CEO Cho Yong-man (left) watches a demonstration for the company’s
Komsco CEO Cho Yong-man (left) watches a demonstration for the company’s "clothing security label" technology at a press conference at the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Thursday. (Komsco)

“We wish to grow together with local small and medium-sized business. Further, we hope to promote safe and secure environment for the citizens by preventing sales and distribution of imitation good,” Cho said during a press conference in Seoul.

At a follow-up briefing session, the state-run agency introduced nine new security technologies, including a “clothing security label” -- a fiber technology for applying a special substance to original textiles. It distinguishes fake apparel from original apparel with Komsco’s detector.

“When you put a detector to a textile product attaching a fake label, it will make a beep sound. The label-like technology can tell what’s fake and prevent distribution of imitation products,” said Joo Sung-hyun, a senior researcher at Komsco. 

Komsco’s “clothing security label” technology (Jie Ye-eun/The Korea Herald)
Komsco’s “clothing security label” technology (Jie Ye-eun/The Korea Herald)

Besides the “clothing security label,” Komsco introduced other technologies such as a security solution linked to smartphones, a wearable camera solution and a color transformation solution that responds to magnet.

The agency also showcased an eco-friendly wrapping paper used in minting coins. The paper is made of cotton fibers, reducing environmental pollution, Komsco explained. A blockchain-based integrated management solution for local gift cards was introduced as well.

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