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[팟캐스트] (326) 베를린 장벽 붕괴 30주년 기념하는 독일 / 멤버들 군 제대 후 행보가 주목되는 빅뱅

진행자: 윤민식, Kevin Lee Selzer

1. Berlin celebrates 30 years since fall of the Wall

[1] German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier urged the United States to be a “mutually respectful partner” and reject nationalism, in a clear salvo aimed at US leader Donald Trump as Germany on Saturday marked 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

* urge: ~를 촉구하다
* mutually: 서로 상호간에 (bilateral: 양자간의, unilateral: 일방적인)
* nationalism: 민족주의

[2] Recalling United States’ key role in helping to bring down the hated Wall separating communist East Germany from the capitalist West, Steinmeier said he still hears the late US President Ronald Reagan’s cry of “tear down this wall” at the iconic Brandenburg Gate.

* recall: 상기시키다
* bring down: 허물다
* hated: 증오받는 (<->beloved: 사랑받는)
* tear down: 허물다

[3] But in a swipe at Trump’s America First policy and his insistence on building a wall on the southern border with Mexico, Steinmeier voiced a yearning for a return of the transatlantic partner of the past.

* in a swipe at: 비난하다, 공격하다 (=take a jab at)
* insistence: 고집
* yearning: 갈망

[4] The German president’s sharp words, as he opened festivities at the spot where Reagan once stood, underlined growing tensions between the traditional allies.

* sharp words: 날카로운 말
* underline: 강조하다, 분명히 보여주다
* festivities: 축제행사


2. With 2 more Big Bang members discharged from military, what now?

[1] Taeyang and Daesung of K-pop group Big Bang returned to civilian life on Sunday after finishing their 20-month compulsory military service, drawing attention on Big Bang’s next move with all members now having completed military service.

* civilian life: 민간인의 삶
* compulsory: 의무적인 (mandatory<->voluntary: 자발적인)
* draw attention to: 주목을 받다

[2] The two vocalists -- who enlisted in March last year -- greeted hundreds of fans who gathered to congratulate them on their discharge early Sunday morning at Ground Operation Command in Yongin, Gyeonggi province.

* enlist: 입대하다 (=join the military / enroll: 입학하다)
* greet: 반기다
* discharge: 제대

[3] Taeyang and Daesung served in Cheorwon and Hwacheon in Gangwon province, respectively. The Defense Ministry changed the site of their discharge as the two military bases are located in areas still considered exposed to African swine fever and a huge crowd of fans was anticipated at their discharge.

* respectively: 각자 (collectively: 집단으로)
* considered to be: ~로 여겨지다 (=thought to be)
* swine: 돼지
* anticipate: 기대하다


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