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Interior Minister Chin Young Open Government Partnership’s person of month

Minister of Interior and Safety Chin Young was selected as the Open Government Partnership’s person of the month.

The OGP is an international organization launched in 2011 to promote transparency, combat corruption and encourage citizen participation in governments globally. 

Interior Minister Chin Young (Ministry of Interior and Safety)
Interior Minister Chin Young (Ministry of Interior and Safety)

The Seoul government promised an increased role and presence in the partnership after it was elected in August as the “incoming government co-chair” of the steering committee, a position it will hold until 2021.

“Korea (will) promote participatory democracy at all levels, pursue public values towards an inclusive state and renew trust through government innovation,” Chin said in an interview with OGP.

Chin also pledged Korea’s support for intergovernmental efforts to advance the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations in 2015.

“The OGP is a leader in deepening democracy in the global community,” Chin said, adding that Korea would help the organization further develop the accountability platform that “mobilizes high-level political leadership and strengthens co-creation between governments and civil society.”