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Hyundai Card launches advertising team with Innocean

South Korea’s leading card issuer Hyundai Card said Tuesday it has teamed up with its global advertising affiliate Innocean Worldwide to launch a special project team that will handle all advertising specifically for the credit card affiliate of the group.

The team dubbed Oneteam -- launched officially in May -- consists of 10 Innocean employees to handle advertising planning and production. The team is stationed at Hyundai Card for higher efficiency, the firm explained.
Screenshot of Hyundai Card’s short film advertisement “The Red Door” (Hyundai Card)
Screenshot of Hyundai Card’s short film advertisement “The Red Door” (Hyundai Card)

By bringing the Innocean team inside Hyundai Card’s office , the firm will no longer put out competitive bids for its advertisement project among agencies, it added. This would ensure higher efficiency by cutting time.

As several large firms have been seeking new advertising methods and cutting back on television network commercials, Hyundai has been pursuing simpler projects instead of its previous large-scale campaigns.

Oneteam premiered its advertisement in the form of short films at this year’s Busan International Film Festival held earlier this month. The four films were conceptualized based on the four main colors of Hyundai’s premium card line -- Green Moon, Red Door, Purple Rain and Black Jean -- under the main theme of “My Dream in Colors.”

“Through Oneteam, we plan to try newer and more different projects as a team,” a Hyundai Card official said.

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