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University students nationwide call for Cho Kuk’s resignation

Students at South Korea’s top three universities are planning to expand their protest against Justice Minister Cho Kuk, calling for participants from colleges across the nation.

In a statement issued Saturday, the leaders of Thursday’s candlelight protests held by students of Seoul National University, Yonsei University and Korea University said they are preparing for a joint protest with the participation of college students from around the country.


“College students, who are at the center of this issue, must take action for justice,” the statement read. “We support all students who share our outrage at this injustice and ask our fellow youths to take part in organizing a collective movement.”

Lee A-ram, a leader of Korea University’s fourth candlelight vigil held Thursday, said the joint protest was proposed by students from different universities.

“Students of other schools have been asked to join the rallies, and we decided to take matters to a different level and arrange a nationwide protest,” Lee, a Korea University graduate, said.

Lee said the exact date and venue of the joint protest has yet to be confirmed.

Resentment and anger have mounted among college students following President Moon Jae-in’s appointment of Cho as justice minister on Sept. 9 despite the prosecution’s probe into allegations involving his family members.

On Thursday night, students of SNU and Korea University held their fourth round of candlelight rallies. SNU is the alma mater of minister Cho and also where he maintains his position as a law professor. His daughter is alleged to have received privileges in gaining admission at Korea University.

Students of Yonsei University, not directly related to the alleged irregularities of minister Cho’s family members, took to the streets for the first time the same day.

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