Hyundai Card stays ahead of curve with new premium card packaging

By Korea Herald
  • Published : Aug 29, 2019 - 15:00
  • Updated : Aug 29, 2019 - 15:00

A year since its launch of the Green, an online application-only credit card targeting young customers, Hyundai Card has decided to take a step further and adopt a new packaging for its premium cards, the firm said Thursday.

The credit card operator recently unveiled a “book-themed” package for its premium card lines – the Black, the Purple and the Red – dubbed “the Book,” with each packaging embodying the unique traits of each line. 

Hyundai Card’s new packaging “the Book,” for its premium card lines (Hyundai Card)

The firm said that it wanted the packaging to be more than a mere wrapping or a set of mundane guidelines, but a comprehensive box delivering the contents of each cards through different designs and themes. In August 2018, Hyundai Card released the Green, a new credit card for young customers wanting to lead luxurious lifestyles. The membership for the Green line has been growing and the number of card holders are expected to reach 50,000 soon, the firm said.

“Hyundai Card has been leading the premium credit card market for a long time, not only because of its innovative designs, but because of its efforts to define our customers’ lifestyles and identities,” said a company official.