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Suspected North Korean spy currently under probe: report

Security officials and police are currently detaining and questioning a North Korean spy, CBS Nocut News reported Wednesday.

The National Intelligence Service and National Police Agency last month arrested a North Korean man in his 40s on alleged spying here, according to the local new outlet.

This marked the first case in thirteen years that a spy directly dispatched from Pyongyang was apprehended in South Korea.

(Joint Press Corp)
(Joint Press Corp)

The arrested man is suspected of taking direct orders from North Korea's Reconnaissance General Bureau, Pyongyang's headquarters for overseas espionage activities.

The alleged spy is known to have first entered South Korean territory several years ago, before he went to another country to fake his nationality and returned last year.

The NIS and NPA are currently operating a joint investigation to find out the man's reason of return and actitivies, before handing over the case to prosecution, according to officials.