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[Advertorial] LG Chem contributes to society’s sustainable development

LG Chem, the chemical and biopharma business unit of South Korea’s LG Group, has been contributing to social welfare by carrying out a slew of projects supporting education and green energy in line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The firm has been especially focusing on developing its program for elementary and middle school students, utilizing its expertise. 

Participants at this year’s LG Chem’s Chemistry Camp pose for a group photo. (LG Chem)
Participants at this year’s LG Chem’s Chemistry Camp pose for a group photo. (LG Chem)

It runs an experience center where students can participate in various science experiments categorized into four different themes. The center aims to develop their environmental awareness along with their interest in a career in science.

For more in-depth experience, students can participate in LG’s Chemistry Camp, which it launched in 2005. More than 7,000 students have participated so far.

LG Chem was selected as an outstanding institution for “educational donation” by the Ministry of Education in November 2018.

Outside education, the firm has been pursuing eco-friendly projects through its employee-volunteer program “Green maker.” About 360 employees have volunteered so far to improve the ecosystem of Bamseom, a pair of uninhabited islets on the Han River in Seoul.

A clean-energy project that invests development funds from solar panel installations at public spaces, for the local community, is to be expanded as well.

LG Chem has also been cooperating with its affiliate LG Electronics in supporting firms with environmental, social and governance-related values. It offers interest-free loans, office space rentals, and support in human resources program, and has delivered 13 billion won ($11.05 million) to 150 firms in the past eight years.