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[Around the Hotels] Packages and promotions

Charging summer energy at Millennium Seoul Hilton

Millennium Seoul Hilton’s Chinese restaurant presents a summer meal course.

Taipan offers a seven-course meal featuring summer health and vitality foods. 

The meal will start off with a special seafood appetizer with caviar, followed by turtle soup with ginseng and Chinese matrimony vine. The soup will be followed by stir-fried chicken and neungi mushrooms, and then live freshwater eel with garlic and chili sauce. Diners will be served stir-fried beef tenderloin with fruit for dessert. 

This meal is priced at 138,000 won per person and is available only in July.
For reservations, call Taipan at (02) 317-3237.

Summer treats at Grand Hyatt Seoul

Grand Hyatt Seoul presents summer desserts to beat the heat.
Mango coconut bingsu and green tea bingsu are newly introduced this season at a price of 38,000 won. The bingsu can be ordered at lounge cafe Gallery and all-day buffet restaurant Terrace. 

The hotel’s bakery Deli presents homemade soft serve vanilla and chocolate ice cream, which can be paired with 15 different toppings. An ice cream cone is 4,500 won and cups of ice cream cost 9,500 won. Each topping can be added at 500 won. 

For more information, call Grand Hyatt Seoul at (02) 797-1234. 

Summer nights at Paradise Hotel

Paradise Hotel Busan is opening two new restaurants for the season. Both eateries will be located at the garden in the hotel property. 

Beach Beer Lounge allows visitors to enjoy cold draft beer with live music. American-style fried chicken, gambas al ajillo, homemade sausages and modern Chinese foods will be served. 

At The Izakaya, diners can enjoy teppanyaki and other traditional Japanese food with sake and beer. 

The promotions will continue until Aug. 24. 

For inquires or reservations, call Paradise Hotel at (051) 749-2398. 

Vacation dining at Glad Yeouido

Glad Yeouido’s cafe & restaurant Greets presents the Tasty Summer promotion for the summer vacation season. 

The new menu includes khao phat with coconut, goya salad, Lomi salmon, bun bo xao and Italian-style soup with tomato and seafood, Vietnam-style bun cha, Hawaiian tuna poke, Singaporean chili crab, ice pudding with mango and Amalfi lemon sherbet for dessert.

A photo spot is decorated with tropical fruits and palm trees, creating a vacation mood. 

The buffet costs 45,000 won for lunch and 55,000 won for dinner. At an additional charge of 9,900 won, diners can enjoy unlimited beer, or 15,000 won for wine. 

For more information or reservation, call Greets at (02) 6222-5511.

Tradition-infused cocktails at Park Hyatt Busan

Park Hyatt Busan’s Living Room Bar introduces a cocktail promotion inspired by traditional Korean liquors. 

The Yoon Seul Cocktail promotion – “yoon seul” means ripples shining in the sun or moonlight in Korean -- features five different drinks, all created with traditional Korean liquors and Asian ingredients. 

The drinks include Bokbunja Fizz, Nobleman Negroni, Cinnamon Punch, K’oriental Cooler and Sunset on the Bridge. 

The cocktails cost 18,000 won each. For more information or reservations, call Living Room Bar at (051) 990-1234.

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