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[팟캐스트] (305) 김명환 민주노총 위원장 구속영장 신청 / BTS 부산 팬미팅 신분증 검사 소동


진행자: 김보경, Kevin Lee Selzer

기사요약: 경찰은 지난해 5월과 올 3-4월 열린 국회 앞 집회 당시 조합원들의 불법행위를 계획하고 주도한 혐의로 김명환 전국민주노동조합총연맹 위원장에 대해 구속영장을 신청했다.

1. Police seek arrest warrant for KCTU head

[1] The police have requested an arrest warrant for Kim Myung-hwan, the chairman of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, on charges of planning and carrying out illegal protests in front of the National Assembly in March and April, the police said Tuesday.

*arrest warrant: 구속영장
*charges: 혐의
*illegal protests: 불법 시위

[2] The latest move comes at a sensitive time, amid heightening tensions among labor, management and the government over South Korea’s pending ratification of four core International Labor Organization conventions.

*sensitive time: 민감한 시기
*heightening: 고조되는
*tension: 신경전
*ratification: 비준

[3] The hard-line Korean Confederation of Trade Unions is one of the two biggest labor groups in Korea and has some 1 million members.

*hard-line: 강성

[4] According to the Yeongdeungpo Police Station, Kim faces a slew of charges that include interfering with public officials’ execution of their duties, damaging public goods, interfering with traffic, trespassing in a public building and violating the law on protests.

* public officials’ execution of their duties: 공무집행 방해
*trespass: 무단 침입

[5] “Based on evidence collected from the scene and analysis of seized goods, we have concluded that there is significant suspicion Mr. Kim led the illegal and violent protests. There are also concerns that he may take flight and destroy evidence,” the police said.

* seized goods: 압수품
* may take flight: 도주 위험


2. BTS fans complain of tight ID checks at Busan concerts

기사요약: 최근 부산에서 열린 방탄소년단 팬미팅 공연에 일부 학생 관객이 입장하지 못해 주최 측에 항의하는 소동이 빚어졌다.

[1] On the first day of K-pop sensation BTS' first-ever fan event and concert in Busan this weekend, a number of people were blocked from entering the venue although they had tickets in their hands.

*fan event: 팬미팅
*block: 막다
*venue: 장소

[3] Officials from Big Hit Entertainment, the management agency of BTS, demanded buyer information on the tickets match the ticket holder's identity documents at the event Saturday.

* management agency: 소속사
* demand: 요구
* buyer information: 구매자 정보
* identity: 신분

[4] Teenage fans who bought tickets using their parents' names were turned down, while students who brought copies of their student ID cards instead of the actual IDs were not accepted either.

* turned down: 퇴짜를 맞다
* copies: 복사본

[5] Big Hit said it has already posted an announcement on ticket purchasing sites, the BTS' fan cafe and social media that it would undergo tighter identification checks, before opening online ticketing of the Busan concerts. Although fans and their parents kept complaining of the stricter-than-expected practice on the second day of the concerts Sunday, the company did not budge an inch and remained adamant about the ticket-ID matching requirements.

*post: 게재하다
*undergo: 겪다
*tighter: 더 엄격한
*stricter-than-expected: 예상보다 엄격한
*practice: 실행
*budge: 꿈쩍하다
*adamant: 단호하다


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