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[팟캐스트] (304) 이희호 여사 별세 / NBA 파이널


진행자 : 윤민식, Kevin Lee Selzer

1. Partisanship pauses for Lee Hee-ho’s funeral

기사요약: 김대중 전 대통령 부인 이희호 여사가 지난 10일 향년 96세로 별세했다. 민주주의와 인권운동의 거목이었던 이 여사에 대해 정치권은 한 목소리로 애도의 뜻을 표했다.

[1] Politicians on both sides of the aisle came together Tuesday to mourn the passing of Lee Hee-ho.

* on both sides of the aisle: (정치권에서) 양당의 
* come together: 모이다, 합치다 (=gather: 모이다, <-> part ways: 각자의 길을 가다)
* mourn: 애도하다 (<-> celebrate: 기념하다)

[1] Lee, a women’s rights and pro-democracy activist, first lady and aide to Kim Dae-jung, died at 11:37 p.m. Monday at Severance Hospital in western Seoul. She was 96.

* women's rights: 여성인권
* first lady: 영부인 
* aide: 측근, 보좌관 (confidant: 신뢰관계가 있는 측근)

[2] Starting Tuesday morning, visitors filled the funeral hall to offer their condolences. The corridor leading to the memorial parlor was lined with bouquets of white flowers and ribbons from National Assembly members, mayors, governors of cities and provinces all over the country.

* offer condolences: 조의를 표하다 (=pay respects to)
* lined with ~: ~가 줄을 잇다
* National Assembly: 국회

[3] While condolence visits were scheduled to officially commence at 2 p.m., politicians of all leanings began to arrive early in the morning, and partisanship seemed to pause briefly as they paid tribute to the former first lady.

* scheduled to~: ~로 예정되어 있다 (=slated to)
* officially: 공식적으로
* commence: 시작하다 (=start, kick off)
* leaning: 경향, 성향
* pay tritube to~: ~에서 헌사를 바치다


2. Warriors hang on to stay alive, win Game 5 of NBA finals

기사요약: 2019 NBA파이널에서 시리즈 전적 1승3패로 벼랑끝까지 몰린 골든스테이트 워리어즈가 스테픈 커리의 31점, 클레이 톰슨의 26점에 힘입어 원정 5차전에서 1점차 진땀승을 거두었다. 그러나 워리어즈는 2연속 파이널 MVP 케빈 듀란트를 부상으로 잃었다.

[1] Stephen Curry scored 31 points, Klay Thompson added 26 and they led a season-saving surge that gave the Golden State Warriors a 106-105 victory over the Toronto Raptors on Monday night in Game 5 of the NBA finals.

* surge: 부상하다, 부상
* victory over ~: ~를 상대로 한 승리

[2] The Splash Brothers combined for three straight 3-pointers in the closing minutes after Toronto had taken a six-point lead with under 3 1/2 minutes remaining in front of a raucous, red-shirted crowd. 

* combine for: ~를 합작하다
* closing minutes: 최후의 몇분동안 (=final moments: 최후의 순간)
* raucous: 요란하고 거친, 시끌벅적한

[3] The Warriors lost Kevin Durant barely a quarter after getting him back but got the win, cutting Toronto’s lead to 3-2 and sending the series back to Oracle Arena for Game 6 on Thursday.

* barely: 겨우
* cut: 축소하다 (=reduce, slash)

[4] Kawhi Leonard scored 26 points for the Raptors but couldn’t get the final shot, having to give the ball up.

* give ~ up: ~를 그만두다, ~를 넘겨주다 (concede: 내주다, 양보하다)


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