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[News Briefs] Actress Yoon Ji-oh faces class-action suit for taking donation for false cause

Actress Yoon Ji-oh, who claimed to have been a witness in the sexual abuse scandal surrounding late actress Jang Ja-yeon, was sued Monday by donors who had given her money.

According to the Seoul-based law firm Law & Us, 439 people who made donations to Yoon have filed a lawsuit for the return of about 10 million won ($8,500), claiming Yoon profited by deceiving them. The class action suit demanded compensation of 30 million won for other damages, according to the law firm. 


Yoon had testified as a key witness after a special commission under the Justice Ministry reopened Jang’s case this year.

As her testimonies sparked debate over the scandal, Yoon appealed for donations on her Instagram account on March 24 for the creation of a nonprofit organization and to spend on her personal protection, claiming to have received threats.

Yoon is reported to have amassed 150 million won in total. However, as questions arose concerning the credibility of her testimonies, she left Korea for Canada on April 24.

By Jo He-rim (