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Korea considers raising purchase limit at duty-free shops

The government is considering raising the purchase limit at departure duty-free shops from the current $3,600 and the tax exemption limit from the current $600, officials said Tuesday.

“In consideration of increased national income and inflation, (the government) is reviewing the need and means to raise the limit of purchase and tax exemption at duty-free shops,” the Ministry of Economy and Finance said in a release.

The decision will be confirmed later this month, when the ministry announces economic policies for the latter half of the year.


Currently, customers are allowed to purchase products worth up to $3,000 at departure duty-free shops and $600 at on-arrival duty-free shops. They can also separately buy a bottle of alcoholic drinks within the $400 limit and a 60-milliliter bottle of perfume.

The purchase limit at departure duty-free stores was last raised in 2006 from $2,000.

The $600 limit at on-arrival duty-free shops could also be raised, officials added.

“The decision will be made after pilot operations of arrival duty-free shops,” the ministry said.

The country’s first on-arrival duty-free shops opened Friday at Incheon Airport, with two stores located in Terminal 1 and another in Terminal 2.

By Bae Hyun-jung (