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Sono Felice, Sono Village resorts offer promotional packages for foreigners

Sono Village and Sono Felice are offering promotional packages for foreigners that encompass discounts on rooms and other attractions available at the resorts.

Under the promotion, the silver suite at Sono Village costs as low as 215,000 won, the gold suite A 241,000 won, the gold suite B 263,000 won and the royal deluxe room 282,000 won.

It also comes with discount coupons for other facilities under Daemyung Resort, including the Ocean World water park, the K1 Speed kart racing track, Ant World, Luge World, Vivaldi Park golf clubs and the equestrian club.

(Sono Felice)
(Sono Felice)

The package offered by Sono Felice offers the silver suite at 187,000 won, the gold suite at 212,000 won, and the royal suite at 234,000 won. It includes discount coupons for other facilities at the resort.

The package for Sono Village is available until Sept. 30 and for Sono Felice until June 30. Both can be booked at 1670-7888.

At the equestrian club of Sono Felice, a horse ride around the golf course is available at 7 p.m. on Fridays. It ranges from 160,000 won to 200,000 won.

by Yoon Min-sik