‘Craft Week’ hopes to encourage local industry

By Im Eun-byel
  • Published : May 17, 2019 - 21:54
  • Updated : May 17, 2019 - 21:54

The Korea Crafts & Design Foundation is holding the nationwide festival “Craft Week 2019,” with a goal to encourage interest in local crafts.

The 10-day festival, in its second edition this year, aims to allow the public to enjoy crafts in daily life. It is being held from Friday to May 26.

“Craft week is about spreading craft culture that everyone can experience in daily life. The festival is being held through voluntary participation. (Through the event) we hope that craft culture can settle successfully in daily life,” said Rheem Mi-sun, head of the craft division at the KCDF.

Officials and curators of “Craft Week 2019” speak during a press conference Friday at Culture Station Seoul 284 in central Seoul. (KCDF)

“We have been consuming products for the past century. But now it is an era of consuming value and meaning. People think about nature, humans, the environment and about themselves. In such an environment, crafts can play an important role.”

“Craft certainly has a metaphysical image to itself. But in the end, it is about improving the quality of life for oneself,” she added.

From this year, the event will be conducted nationwide, with the participation of more than 360 studios, galleries and art institutes. Exhibitions, activities, markets, lectures and other programs have been prepared.

During the festival, an exhibition will take place at Culture Station Seoul 284, next to Seoul Station. The exhibition introduces craftwork owned by 26 individual collectors of various professions, interests and age groups.

Crafts are displayed at Culture Station Seoul 284. (KCDF)
Crafts are displayed at Culture Station Seoul 284. (KCDF)

Another exhibition at the KCDF Gallery in Insa-dong, central Seoul, encompasses artists’ production and communication processes. Titled “The Praxis,” the exhibition showcases around 100 pieces of craft by 25 artists.

In addition, a market selling craft and lifestyle products will be held in Busan.

The festival also offers diverse programs in cooperation with art institutes, cultural complexes, museums and art galleries across the nation.

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