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SK Broadband offers TV home schooling service for kids

SK Broadband, the No. 1 internet protocol TV service provider, is diversifying its content platform by offering dynamic interactive academic programs for toddlers as well as older children.

Aiming to become a lifestyle service provider, the home broadband network company has enhanced its lineup of kids’ content with a TV-based home schooling program titled Play Songs Home.

In partnership with music therapists and with local kindergarten operator Play Songs, SK Broadband developed the musical program exclusively for its B TV platform to provide rich educational content for toddlers under 4 who spend most of their time at home. 

(SK Broadband)
(SK Broadband)

Ten friendly characters perform 350 songs in different genres and make stories out of the songs. The company says this stimulates language development and helps kids develop their creativity.

B TV’s “Live Fairy Tale,” a role-playing program for kids that features augmented reality and lets kids star as their favorite fairy tale characters, is also winning positive reviews from customers.

The company is planning to launch the second edition of “Live Fairy Tale,” which allows up to three family members to engage in the TV-based program.

“Starting with the home schooling service, SK Broadband will continue introducing useful programs customized for customers’ lifestyles to become more than an IPTV provider,” a company official said.

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