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[팟캐스트] (295) 조양호 회장 별세 / 강원도 산불


진행자 : 손지형, Paul Kerry

1. Hanjin Group Chairman Cho Yang-ho dies at 70

기사요약: 조양호 한진그룹 회장이 70세의 나이로 미국 별장에서 별세. 폐질환 등이 원인. 2세 경영인으로서 대한항공 성장의 주역이었으나 최근까지 조 회장은 대한항공 사내이사 연임에 실패하고, 총수일가가 갑질 논란 등에 휩싸이는 등 불명예를 떠안았음.

[1] Cho Yang-ho, Hanjin Group and Korean Air chairman, has died from a lung disease in the US, Korean Air said Monday.

*die from / die of: -이 원인이 되어 사망하다
*lung disease: 폐질환

[2] The 70-year-old business tycoon died at a hospital in Los Angeles, where he had been receiving medical treatment for pulmonary fibrosis since December, the company said.

*business tycoon: 재계 거물
*receive medical treatment: 치료를 받다
*pulmonary fibrosis: 폐섬유종

[3] His condition had dramatically worsened recently after he had been stressed about losing a board seat at his group’s core unit, Korean Air, a company official said.

*dramatically: 급격하게
*worsen: 나빠지다
*lose a board seat: 사내 이사직을 잃다
*core unit: 핵심 계열사

[4] All his family members had stayed by Cho’s deathbed, including his wife, Lee Myung-hee, his son, Korean Air President Cho Won-tae, and two daughters, former Korean Air Vice President Cho Hyun-ah and former Korean Air Executive Director Cho Hyun-min.

*stay by one’s deathbed: 임종을 지키다

[5] Hanjin Group said business management will continue without interruption. Korean Air said details of the funeral would be decided soon and transporting the late chairman to Korea might take up to a week.

*interruption: 방해
*funeral: 장례식
*transport: 운구하다
*late: 고(故)
*up to: 최대 –만큼

[6] Cho’s death comes about two weeks after he was voted out from Korean Air’s board, making him the first member of a founding family of a major conglomerate to be off its board. Shareholders voted to end his board tenure after Cho and his family members became embroiled in a series of scandals related to misconduct.

*be voted out of: 부결을 통해 해임되다
*be forced off a board: 쫓겨나다
*shareholders: 주주
*tenure: 임기
*embroiled: (스캔들 등에) 휩싸이다


2. [From the scene] ‘I lost everything’: Locals despair after Goseong fire

기사요약: 강원도 산불 피해지역 5개 시군이 특별재난지역으로 선포된 가운데, 이중 하나인 고성에서 산불을 맞닥뜨린 주민들의 상황을 현장기사를 통해 담아냈다.

[1] The scent of smoke hung over Goseong, Gangwon Province, on Friday afternoon. Firefighting helicopters could be seen in the sky and fire trucks sped by on their way to put out fires that continued through the night. A mountain fire, thought to be Korea’s worst ever wildfire, had blazed through the area overnight, destroying an area the size of Seoul’s Yeouido.

*hang over: (나쁜 의미로) 걸쳐 있다
*speed by: 빠르게 지나가다
*wildfire: 산불
*blaze: 강하게 타오르는 불길로 태우다
*overnight: 밤새, 밤사이에

[2] “Goseong has several big fires every spring, but I’ve never seen a fire like this before,” Kim Young-joon, a taxi driver who has been working for 23 years in Sokcho, Gangwon Province told The Korea Herald. While he was driving, he got two calls from his acquaintances checking on his safety and asking about the fire. The driver said people living in the affected areas have been posting the damages they suffered on social media.

*acquaintance: 지인
*affected areas: 피해 지역

[3] Even though most of the fire appears to have been put out as of Friday afternoon, the acrid odor of smoke got thicker and heavier as the taxi approached Toseong-myeon, a town that was destroyed by the fire overnight.

*even though: -에도 불구하고
*put out: 불을 끄다, 내놓다, 폐를 끼치다
*acrid: 톡쏘는, 매캐한
*odor: 냄새

[4] It’s one of several towns engulfed by the fire, which has killed at least one person and destroyed 250 hectares of forest as of 4 p.m. Friday, the Safety Ministry said. The exact extent of the damage, however, is not yet known, as the fire continues in some places.

*engulf: 집어 삼키다
*extent of: -의 정도

[5] As the fire spread to residential areas, some 4,000 people were evacuated to emergency shelters set up at nearby schools and gyms on Thursday night.

*spread to: -로 퍼지다
*residential area: 거주지역
*evacuate: 대피하다
*emergency shelter: 비상대피소
*nearby: 주변의, 주변에 있는


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