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Appeals court upholds fine for man who illicitly filmed kissing couple

An appeals court in Busan has upheld a fine of 1.5 million won ($1,318) for a man in his 20s on the charge of illicitly filming a couple kissing in a club.

The Busan District Court said Sunday it found the 21-year-old man guilty of intentionally taking the video, upholding the lower court’s decision that he should be fined and undergo 24 hours of a sexual violence treatment program.


The man was accused of secretly filming the couple, who were kissing at a table next to him in a club, last January.

The man had pleaded innocence, claiming the video had been taken by mistake. However, the court had ruled against him based on witness testimony and videos on his phone.

In its ruling, the Busan court cited witness testimony saying the convicted had filmed the video with his phone intentionally hidden between his legs as well as more videos of other couples kissing found on his phone.

By Choi Ji-won (