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[팟캐스트] (294) 자유한국당 축구장 선거운동 논란 / 승리 성접대 혐의 논란


진행자 : 임현수, Paul Kerry

1. Main opposition Liberty Korea Party draws criticism for campaigning inside football stadium

기사요약: 자유한국당 대표 황교안과 같은 당 강기윤 후보는 축구 경기장 내에서 선거 유세 활동을 한 이유로 비판을 받고 있다.


[1] In the final sprint to the April 3 parliamentary by-election, main opposition Liberty Korea Party leader Hwang Kyo-ahn and the party’s Changwon district candidate Kang Ki-yoon on Monday were blasted for violating the K League’s ban on campaigning inside a stadium of the soccer league over the weekend, while Gyeongnam FC said they may be subject to punishment.

*by-election: 보궐선거

*be blasted: 맹비난을 받다

*be subject to: ~을 당하다, 겪다

[2] Demanding an official apology, Gyeongnam FC released a statement detailing the incident. “While checking tickets, the security company told them (Liberty Korea Party campaigners) that they cannot enter the stadium wearing clothing with the party name, and the candidate’s number and name.

*detail: 상세히 알리다

*clothing: 옷

[3] But some campaigners ignored the notice and refused to change their clothing,” the statement said.

*notice: 알림

[4] The statement added that the club will seek ethical responsibility from Kang and take legal action depending on the punishment imposed by the K League.

*ethical: 윤리적인

*take legal action: 기소하다

[5] On Monday, a spokesperson said that the first-ever incident involving political activity will be referred to the committee tasked with determining penalties. The meeting will convene Tuesday morning. “The KFA and FIFA strictly ban political and religious activities inside a stadium,” the spokesperson told The Korea Herald.

*first-ever: 사상 최초의

*be referred to: ~로 언급되다

*convene: 소집하다


2. New allegations of procuring prostitution raised against Seungri

기사요약: 경찰은 가수 승리의 성접대 의혹의 일부를 사실로 확인했다.


[1] An acquaintance of K-pop star Seungri has testified that the celebrity procured prostitution at locations in addition to the ones alleged so far, a local news outlet reported.

*acquaintance: 지인

*procure: 구하다

[2] According to Ilyo Shinmun, police investigating the case obtained testimony from Seungri’s close acquaintance after two rounds of questioning on March 25 and 28.

*obtain: 얻다, 획득하다

*a round of: 한 차례의

[3] The acquaintance testified that prostitution took place at Seungri’s 2017 birthday party in the Philippines, where he was visiting for business, and Club Arena in Seoul, where he treated his investors, and that the singer “procured prostitution at other places.”

*take place: 일어나다

*treat: 대접하다

[4] The report added that the acquaintance was in charge of managing involved women and paid them 4 million won ($3,518) per person for overseas trips and 2 million won for tasks at local clubs.

*be in charge of: ~을 담당하다

[5] Prior to the testimony, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said, “We have obtained meaningful testimonies and the investigation has moved forward. We have also booked Seungri for distribution of illegally filmed videos.”

*prior to: ~전에

*move forward: 전진하다.

*book: (피의자에 대해) 기록하다.


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