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[팟캐스트] (290) 미세먼지 뒤덮인 한반도 / 신규 LCC 3곳 면허 발급

진행자: 김다솔, Paul Kerry

1.  Record fine dust chokes Korea

Thick ultrafine particulate pollution blanketed most of South Korea on Tuesday, prompting authorities to enforce emergency measures to combat fine dust again Wednesday for a sixth consecutive day in Seoul, Incheon and Gyeonggi and the North and South Chungcheong provinces.

* blanketed: 짙게 드리운, 두텁게 내려앉은
* prompting: (즉각적으로, 묻지않고) 유도하다, 설득시키다
* enforce emergency measures: 긴급 조치를 실행하다
* combat: 전투, 싸움, 방지하다
* consecutive: 연속으로

Seoul’s hourly average level of ultrafine particles -- those smaller than 2.5 micrometers in diameter -- recorded 184 micrograms per cubic meter as of 4 p.m., according to the National Institute of Environmental Research, a think tank under the Ministry of Environment.

* hourly: 매 시간당
* diameter: 지름
* think tank: 싱크 탱크, (정부 기관 연구소, 집단 등)

The daily average ultrafine dust level was expected to reach an all-time high in Seoul since the government began collecting related data in 2015.

* average ultrafine dust level: 평균 미세먼지 수치
* all-time high: 사상 최고치

The average daily ultrafine dust level was measured at 199 micrograms per cubic meter at Sejong, 189 at Gyeonggi Province, 173 at Gangwon Province, 166 at North Chungcheong Province and 164 at Incheon as of 4 p.m.

* measured at: ~로 측정되다

기사 원문:

2. Ministry names three new LCC operators

South Korea’s Transport Ministry announced Tuesday that it has designated Fly Gangwon, Aero-K and Air Premia as new low-cost carrier operators after more than three years of hiatus due to overcrowding of the local LCC market.

* low-cost carrier operator: 저비용 항공사
* hiatus: 공백, 중단
* overcrowding: 과잉, 과밀

The ministry said Fly Gangwon, Aero-K and Air Premia have passed the reinforced criteria for LCCs. Under the revision, companies planning to carry out flight operations are required to have at least 30 billion won ($26 million) in capital and five airplanes before they can begin operations as budget carriers. The previous requirements were 15 billion won and three planes.

* reinforced criteria: 강화된 기준
* under the revision: 수정안에 따르면
* required to: ~하도록 요구되다
* budget carrier: 저비용 항공사

The ministry’s task force had assessed each air carrier’s capacity to secure safety, provide customer satisfaction, and manage flight routes and airport operations, the ministry said.

* task force: 대책 위원회, 프로젝트 팀
* capacity to ~: 능력, 역량, 수용 가능한

In November last year, five new budget air carriers -- Fly Gangwon, Aero K, Air Premia, Air Philip and Guardians -- had applied for business licenses. Fly Gangwon, Aero-K and Air Premia had previously attempted to obtain operational licenses.

* apply for business license: 사업 허가를 신청하다
* previously: 이전에
* attempt to: ~하려고 시도하다
* obtain: 얻다, 구하다,

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