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Korea denounces Japan's annual ceremony on Dokdo islets

The South Korean government condemned Japan on Friday for its continued sovereignty claim over Dokdo, a pair of rocky islets in the East Sea, again demonstrated in an official event.

The Japanese prefecture of Shimane held the Takeshima Day event earlier in the day aimed at publicizing Japan's territorial claim to Dokdo, which Seoul has effectively controlled for a long time.

Dokdo (Yonhap)
Dokdo (Yonhap)

A senior Japanese government official attended the ceremony, according to Seoul's foreign ministry.

In a statement, the ministry urged Japan to immediately stop "every provocation" on Dokdo and face up to history.

It emphasized that the islets are clearly a territory of South Korea "historically, geographically and by international law."

Koreans point out Japan's assertion is a legacy of its imperialistic past, especially the brutal colonial rule of Korea from 1910-45. (Yonhap)