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[팟캐스트] (287) 세월호 명예졸업식, 카카오 업데이트


 진행자: 임현수, Kevin Lee Selzer

1. Grief-filled graduation ceremony held for Sewol victims

기사요약: 이번주 화요일 세월호 참사 희생 학생 250명을 위한 명예 졸업식이 단원고에서 열렸다.

[1] A long-delayed commencement ceremony was held Tuesday for 250 Danwon High School students who died in the Sewol ferry disaster on April 16, 2014.

*commencement: 학위 수여식

*long-delayed: 많이 지체된

[2] The students were on a school trip to Jeju Island when the ferry carrying 476 passengers sank off the southwestern coast near Jindo, killing 304 aboard. Only 75 students survived, and they graduated in 2016.

*off the southwestern coast: 해안 지방에서 떨어진

*aboard: (이동수단을) 타다

*ferry: 페리

[3] The victims’ families had asked the school to postpone the honorary commencement ceremony until all the bodies of the victims had been recovered.

*postpone: 지연하다

*honorary: 명예의

[4] The bodies of two students -- Nam Hyun-chul and Park Yeong-in -- and a teacher, Yang Seung-jin, have not been recovered.

[5] About 700 people attended the ceremony, including Education Minister Yoo Eun-hae, Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon and Lee Jae-jung, superintendent of the Gyeonggi Office of Education

*superintendent: 관리자, 서장

2. New KakaoTalk alert sounds include dog’s bark, ‘I love you’

기사요약: 카카오톡에서 강아지 울음소리와 ‘I love you’라는 새로운 사운드를 발표

[1] KakaoTalk, the most popular mobile messenger app in Korea, on Tuesday added new alert sounds to its service, ranging from a dog’s bark to the sound of money jingling. The update is the first in five years.

*alert sounds: 알림 사운드

[2] “We developed the idea based on users’ practice of using different wallpaper for chat groups for identification purposes,” an official from KakaoTalk said.

*identification: 신원 확인

[3] Of the previously available alert sounds, only the six most representative ones remain, while 26 new sounds have been added.

*representative: 대표하는

[4] In a promotional video on YouTube, a KakaoTalk message from the boss arrives with the sound of a dog barking --poking fun at the work-employee relationship.

*poke fun at: ~을 놀리다

[5] The latest update allows users to customize alert settings for different chat groups. For example, the alert “I love you” or the sound of a heartbeat could be used for a romantic partner, while the sound of money or emergency sirens could be used for a work-related group chat.

*customize: 주문제작하다

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