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[팟캐스트] (283) 한미 방위분담금 협상, 걸그룹들 '7년의 저주'?


진행자 : 윤민식, Paul Kerry

1. South Korea-US military cost-sharing deadlock drags out as US demands $1 billion

기사요약: 한미동맹이 한방위분담금을 놓고 협상과정에서 갈등이 계속되고 있다. 미국 측은 최근 연간 12억달러 (한화 약 1조 3천억원)을 분담하라고 요구했고, 최종적으로 "최상부 지침"을 전제로 10억 달러 미만은 수용할 수 없다고 밝힌 것으로 전해졌다. 반면 우리 측은 1조원을 넘길 수 없다는 입장이라 협상이 고착상태에 있다.

[1] South Korea’s struggle to reach an agreement with the US for the cost of maintaining US troops here intensified when the gap between the total amount of Seoul’s contributions demanded by the US and that which Seoul was able to accept, as well as differences over the contract period, widened in December as a result of instructions from the very top in Washington, sources said Wednesday.

* deadlock: 교착상태 (=stalemate,  정지상태: standstill, (양측이) 팽팽히 맞서다: dig one's heels in
* drag out, drag on: 질질 끌다, 계속되다
* reach an agreement: 합의하다 (=agree to~)
* intensify: 심화되다
* contribution: 공헌도, 기부금
* very top: 최고위치의 ~, 첫번째의

[2] Through a diplomatic channel, the US demanded in late December that South Korea pay $1.2 billion for costs related to the presence of the 28,500 US Armed Forces soldiers, under a contract valid for one year. The proposal, deemed to be an ultimatum from US President Donald Trump, stipulated that no offer less than $1 billion would be entertained.

* diplomatic channel: 외교채널
* related costs: 관련비용
* valid: 유효한 (=effective)
* deemed: ~로 여겨지는 (=considered, seen as)
* ultimatum: 최후통첩
* stipulate: 규정하다, 명시하다 (specify:명시하다)
* entertain: 즐겁게 하다, 특정 사람들을 초대해 음식, 음료 등을 대접하다, (특정한 제안 등을) 받아들이거나 고려하다.

[3] Negotiations between the allies have reached a stalemate since their last meeting on Dec. 13, when talks broke down. It was their 10th round of talks since they began in March.

* break down: 고장나다, (협상 등이) 결렬되다
* stalemate: 교착상태


2. Why K-pop girl groups can’t stand the test of time

기사요약: K팝 걸그룹 걸스데이의 소진이 최근 계약 종료 후 탈퇴가 공식화되었다. 이에 따라 데뷔 9년차 걸그룹인 걸스데이가 이른바 "7년의 저주"를 극복할 수 있을지가 주목되고 있다.

[1] Earlier this month, Sojin of the K-pop girl group Girl’s Day decided she is leaving the Dream T Entertainment label when her contract expires in February.

* earlier this month: 이달 초에 (=earlier in the year)
* expire: 만기되다, 만료되다

[2] The announcement left fans in shock, with many questioning whether this was a prelude to the disbandment of the 9-year-old four-piece act. Though the agency denied it, other members Yura, Minah and Hyeri are reportedly in contact with other agencies about pursuing individual activities as their contracts are set to expire later this year.

* leave ~ in shock:~가 충격에 휩싸이게 하다 (=shock)
* prelude to ~: ~의 시초, ~의 서막
* talent agency: 연예기획사
* reportedly: ~로 알려졌다
* in contact with: ~와 접촉하다
* set to~: ~할 예정인

[3] But Sojin’s impending departure wasn’t entirely unexpected. Girl’s Day, which debuted in 2010, is one of those rare girl groups to have survived the notorious “seven-year curse,” so called because that’s when idol groups tend to disband or lose a member. 2NE1, 4Minute and Sistar disbanded after seven years together, and it was in the seventh year that Jessica left Girl’s Generation and Sunye and Sohee parted ways with Wonder Girls.

* impending: 곧 닥칠, 임박한 (부정적인 사건에 쓰임) * imminent: 곧 닥칠 임박한 (중립적인 사건에 쓰임)
* unexpected: 예상하지 못한
* notorious: 악명높은 (=infamous, <-> 인기있는: popular, 유명한: famous)
* disband: 해체하다
* part ways: 결별하다


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